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It is a VUCA world and a changed economic landscape. We are still emerging from the pandemic and will see new trends emerge. Resilience has become a byword to survival in challenging times, and now more than ever, leaders will need to upskill and upskills their teams. We offer corporate & executive coaching for all leaders and leadership teams in the Middle East and Africa + India.

Accelerating the impact of leaders for effective team management

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With their extensive and diverse industry/geography experience and best-in-class personality assessment tools, our panel of experts provides 1:1 executive coaching across these categories: Coaching for positive impact, organization savvy nature, bright & promising employees, and HR advisory for HR leaders.

  • Coaching for Positive Impact: Behavioral intervention to curb derailers and improve healthy communications & behavioral impact
  • Coaching for Strategic Agility: Heighten ability to put two and two together, keeping the larger picture in mind, sustainable results & business plans, access to advanced strategic models of thinking
  • Coaching for Organization Savvy Nature: Manage strategic transitions to senior leadership positions, navigating the corporate “realities,” being an ethical leader with values & principles, and improving people/stakeholder engagement
  • Coaching Bright & Promising Employees: Strategic career management & long term success, making tradeoffs, balancing work-life realities on corporate athlete principles, and personality assessments
  • Coaching & Mentoring HR leaders: Manage role transitions, lead change, develop a multi-year strategic roadmap, improve business partnering & consultative skills

There will be more capable leaders if only they get the appropriate counsel and executive coaching at the right time. For this reason, more top organizations in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and across the MENA region are paying close attention to providing corporate & executive coaching to their leaders and executive team.

Our executive coaching services aim to help leadership teams with their most challenging tasks, which are usually growth-oriented. By asking thought-provoking questions during our one-on-one leadership coaching, we help executives and managers develop their leadership prowess, build relationships, take on challenges, and efficiently achieve company goals.

This level of leadership coaching increases self-awareness that helps drive the clarity of company goals and improves the problem-solving skills of the leaders.

We help unlock potential

Unlocking leadership potentials to achieve company’s objectives

Corporate coaching for executives and leadership teams is one of the most effective ways to improve leadership, and we measure the impact of our coaching sessions.

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Everything for us starts with the client’s business objectives and the larger picture, which then helps us be the “brand ambassador” for the client delivering the right message to the talent pool, engaging the “high potential” in a meaningful manner to be able to deliver a good quality submission within agreed timelines.

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