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“Top recruitment agency,” “best recruitment agency” we are not driven by these tags but believe our purpose is to deliver meaningful engagement with measurable results for our clients and candidates. Mindfield works as an extension of the client’s recruiting arm by ensuring that each mandate is properly storyboarded for the prospective candidate. We start with the end in mind and consult with our short-listed candidates on the opportunity. Jobs should be about career moves and not just the next financial jump.

  • Got a “Mac” of a mind… meaning you can synthesize loads of information into meaningful strategies
  • You’re a Card Salesman… i.e., assertive and persistent as a salesman
  • Comfort with Confrontation… i.e., the ability to lead in the face of adversity
  • Hands-on leadership… i.e., the ability to lead as well as execute
  • A “Croc” skin… i.e., the ability to deal with the good & bad, crisis & recognition in your stride… above all not afraid to fail

Takeovers, expansion into new markets, introducing a new business line, carrying out transitions within the business – all of these circumstances lead to the emergence of distinct recruitment needs for organizations. Our methodology is premised on the basis that usually the best people are already recruited! Therein starts the extremely exciting game of identifying and headhunting the potential talent best suited for our client’s needs.

Working across different countries, we have managed to amass a qualitative database, which effectively supports different functional areas like sales, marketing, general management, finance, and other specialized verticals, especially from the mid to senior management level. At Mindfield, we have the required expertise for accomplishing projects that have been personalized to address the client’s requirements and deliver optimal results within a designated time frame.

We’re confident of the talents we provide via contingency recruitment because our consultants have the mind of a MAC, have extensive social media networks, and leverage referrals to connect the right talent. Going beyond the CVs, our account managers ensure quality, consistency, and a profile assessment of every candidate.

Our contingency recruiters work as a team of consultants with a dedicated Account Manager. Usually deployed for multi-incumbent and mid-management roles.

  • No fees until we source and fill your vacancy
  • Fast contingency recruitment service with only top talents to choose from
  • We have a solid team of pro-active contingency recruiters
  • Cost-effective recruitment services

99% Candidate Retention Since 2004

Successfully filled over 6000 job vacancies in the EMEA

Our cost-effective contingency search has provided businesses across the Middle East and Africa with top talents that fit into their staffing objectives. Our properly vetted candidates have a 99% retention rate.

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Speed, Agility, and Value…that is our Mojo

Everything for us starts with the client’s business objectives and the larger picture, which then helps us be the “brand ambassador” for the client delivering the right message to the talent pool, engaging the “high potential” in a meaningful manner to be able to deliver a good quality submission within agreed timelines.

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