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To offer the best recruitment and executive search, any top recruitment agency will need to first understand your business objectives and growth plans. Attracting and retaining the top talent requires a diligent process from our end. Mindfield believes in being the client’s brand ambassador within the top talent pool across the region. Our executive search journey has a strong global flavor. We have been extremely fortunate to be mandated with searches that took us out of the region and deep into other continents. A headhunter should have the ability to identify the right talent and someone who has cultural agility.

Understanding the nuances of each market position and putting that in perspective to deliver the “right fit” has been the main reason behind our success.

We leverage our comprehensive network and 20+ years of recruitment experience to source only the top talents to fill your executive positions while being mindful of the social-cultural environment of the Middle East. Our partners will conduct Executive Search at CXO and +1 levels or for distinct SME roles as per your requirements.

  • Speed and relevance coupled with market insights
  • Leveraging existing networks of several top-level potential candidates
  • Identifying the right fit by taking into account the business objectives
  • Conducting extensive reference checks and helping onboard the incumbent

One of our core recruitment solutions is connecting companies and big organizations with professionals capable of handling executive-level responsibilities and delivering results. Our team of executive recruiters provides the leading executive search in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and across the Middle East & Africa region.

Our executive search is agile and extensive. As a result, we are able to provide top talents with our unique recruitment process, experience, and partnerships across the globe. In addition, we have a data-driven, tested, and trusted executive recruitment methodology that is versatile in meeting the unique HR requirements of any firm by utilizing our database of executive candidates, industry and market knowledge to generate quick and quality executive searches.

1100+ Successful Executive Recruitment across EMEA

Successfully recruited over 1100 executive-level personnel for top companies across EMEA

We are not shy to take pride in our results – we have recruited over a thousand executives for several companies and leading institutions in Dubai and across the Middle East and Africa with astounding success for both client and candidate.

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Speed, Agility, and Value…that is our Mojo

Everything for us starts with the client’s business objectives and the larger picture, which then helps us be the “brand ambassador” for the client delivering the right message to the talent pool, engaging the “high potential” in a meaningful manner to be able to deliver a good quality submission within agreed timelines.

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