• Making a difference by delivering on the  
    highest standards of customer engagement and Measuring it ...

    With 86% stick rates
    and 62% promotions in 3yrs post joining
    we pride ourselves in providing the best talent

                     ...making a difference

  • "Progress lies not in enhancing what is

    but advancing toward what will be"

                     ...Khalil Gibran

  • "To understand the heart and mind of a person,

    look at not what he has already achieved,

    but what he aspires to do"

                     ...Khalil Gibran


Talent Acquisition

The most important aspect of any organization is its Human Capital. Recruitment is about developi....

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Project Recruitment

Organizations can have specific needs which arise from new market expansion, acquistions, new bus....

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Executive Coaching

With our panel of experts and diverse industry/ geography experience we apply cutting edge person....

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Stakeholders Speak

I have used Mindfield for several positions within my Company in different departments and levels....

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