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Talent mapping is the building block that creates a competitive advantage for our clients. It allows organizations to scale aggressively and keep pace with their growth plans. We are firm believers in proactive recruitment delivered with a healthy dose of market insights. Mindfield offers customer-centric recruitment solutions which are based on strong client and market understanding. The pandemic threw up a VUCA world, and some time-tested solutions still hold strong. The world as we see today is being changed with AI and other technology coming into play to stay a step ahead of the curve; we ensure our solutions reflect the changes and the anticipated future.

Offering tailor-made recruitment and talent mapping solutions across the GCC, the Middle East, and Africa.

Self-motivated human capital is our promise

We have a successful track record of executing large-scale assignments in AMEA for our Fortune 500 and regional clients. Also, we have developed the capabilities to leverage our databases & knowledge management processes to ensure our information base is always updated and our partners personally lead each assignment towards success.

  • Self-motivated and agile human capital
  • Mapping & contacting pre-specified professionals in specific functional areas across varied markets
  • Providing the client with an overview of the market dynamics, talent pool, their equity within the framework of the search
  • Presenting a list of suitable candidates tailored to the company’s culture and the strategic intent of the organization

With an understanding of the talents, you need to drive your company’s goals. We help you invest in talent mapping that keeps your human resources at optimum. We connect you with professionals whose potentials and future development goals align with your enterprise’s vision, mission, and cultural values.

Overall, our talent mapping allows your business to have a stream of ready-to-work top talents even before you need them to ensure there is optimum productivity always. In addition, our talent map helps you create a plan for future recruiting, succession planning, and development initiatives for your workforce.

We help you plan for recruitment gaps and make your business ready for the future!

25+ Years of Experience in Recruitment and Talent Mapping across EMEA

Successfully developed future recruitment plans for 500+ top companies across EMEA

At Mindfield, by understanding our client’s business objectives and HR KPIs, we deliver the optimum solution and result.

Make Your Company
Ready For The Future

Speed, Agility, and Value…that is our Mojo

Everything for us starts with the client’s business objectives and the larger picture, which then helps us be the “brand ambassador” for the client delivering the right message to the talent pool, engaging the “high potential” in a meaningful manner to be able to deliver a good quality submission within agreed timelines.

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