Face to Face Interview

Whatever the mode of the interview, whether it be F2F, telephonic, or the current favorite ZOOM/ Google Meet/ MS Teams, we need to prepare extensively before getting on the call. By now, you would have developed a comfort with using technology for business communication.

Find below some insights that we have garnered in the number of years of hiring for top jobs in the Middle East and Africa region.

The pandemic has thrown up some questions around how you managed remote working.

How did you adapt to extensive WFH challenges? Managing teams remotely? Life lessons learned during the pandemic? Be prepared.

We cannot stress enough the importance of this aspect…

Research the organization. Pay specific attention to what have been the developments, changes within the specific country or region that you are being interviewed for. Research the leadership team, the culture of the organization, career progression of people within the organization. You will have input coming in from your recruiter, friends, colleagues…gather as much information as you can. Have an independent view and prepare questions to ask the interviewer. An informed candidate asking pertinent questions always leaves a good impression.

Interviewers can pick up any experience from the past or skills and ask you to elaborate.

Be ready.

With the job description, google up the past incumbent in the role. Have good examples of your work at the ready to match the job requirements. Follow the STAR format. Situation Task Action Result.

Given below are some of the common questions asked during interviews. People sometimes tend to stumble over the answer or give a long-winded answer….Think through earlier on the questions and how you would like to articulate yourself. Strike a good balance between being confident and not pretentious.

Prepare an elevator pitch which sums up your career path. Do not give a long answer the interview has just started there will be time for other aspects to come up. Pay attention to the question…Interviewer has asked for a short summary so keep it succinct.

Here is where your research on the organization will help you frame the answer. Be specific about the skills and achievements that you bring to the table.

When summarizing your achievements please share numbers as much as possible, also articulate what the situation was when a certain milestone was achieved. The interviewer gets a better picture of you.

We all have at a certain point made decisions which went wrong . Give a concise answer explaining went wrong and how the learning from that situation helped you in the future.

Talk about a core area, how that developed as a “strength” and what value it added to your career/ life.

Be concise.

Do not try and gloss over this question we all have weakness. Talk about it and how you try and work on it.

Be clear about your motivations to change.

This is the chance to stand out. Always have 2-3 questions ready based on your research. It displays your keenness for the role and your preparation.

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