Career Advisory & Interview Support

Interview Support

This service is mainly focused on C-Suite roles. We recognize the significance of the rigors in assessments, multiple rounds of interviews, board-level interactions, and reviews of experiences. Our years of experience in hiring at these levels provide us with unique expertise for guiding potential candidates through this process. Typically, 4-6 meetings are done as we court the candidate through the process. To ensure no conflicts, we only offer this service to candidates not covered through our search contracts.

Career Advisory

We have great depth and expertise in this area. Careers are a combination of ladders and lattices – we will help you with your career journey, find solutions to your dilemmas, help you prioritize & enable a decision model. This service is offered at all levels, and the fee structure is usually linked to the job-age-stage of the individual. We provide free service to individuals from the Armed forces/Veterans and 50% of the standard fee for females.

CV Builder

This service is usually for senior-level talent. We will engage with you in a 1:1 discussion and prepare your executive profile for the best impact. With our in-depth experience of recruiting across industry segments and levels of seniority, we have unique expertise in recrafting and representing your profile.

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