//Operations Specialist | Riyadh-Saudi Arabia | Aerospace
Operations Specialist | Riyadh-Saudi Arabia | Aerospace
Experience Requirement

15+ years in Air Force Service with experience with the below: C-141 Filght Examiner (SEFE) C-141 Instructor (SEFE) Tactical Airlift Element (TALE) Instructor

Job Skills

A specialist as a Loadmaster

Job Responsibilities

Ensure aircraft is load planned for maximum use of available space on board aircraft. Complete operational support requirements for C-130 aircraft. Schedule and coordinate yearly logistics flights for outside missions. Review and update company’s publications when required. Apply aircraft’s cargo and flight limitations for any mission requiring review.


A renowned name in the aerospace industry.

Employment Type
Full-Time Regular
Job Location
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Position: Operations Specialist | Riyadh-Saudi Arabia | Aerospace

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