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Chief Marketing Officer


We do realize that the job is a dream opportunity and many people from diverse industries would be tempted to throw their hat in the ring..but please refrain from doing so as you need prior or current experience in an fmcg to even make the long list. Prior or current experience in the GCC is essential for the role.


you would need to bring to the table your purist marketing skills, combine it with elements for impact on bottom line and sales force effectiveness. You need to wear multiple hats!


Seeking an Alchemist …Not because the SKUs are “lead” and need to be transformed into gold. The “happy problem” is a good line of products what you need to work your magic is on bringing these to the forefront on the race. Today we see a different set of market dynamics at play in the GCC. The CMO would bring in a wealth of experience in driving the innovation agenda, setting the tone for the brand architecture and the overarching brand strategy.

Relevant role details would be shared with shortlisted candidates.

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Position: Chief Marketing Officer

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