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Marketing Manager | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Consultancy Management

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Our client: A globally renowned organization.

Are you the marketing virtuoso ready to orchestrate a symphony of brand triumphs across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)? Our client is on the hunt for a Marketing Manager, not just any run-of-the-mill leader, but a visionary ready to propel a broad spectrum of marketing endeavors to new heights. From invigorating regional and global brand presence to spearheading initiatives in practice marketing, recruitment, alumni relations, and social impact — your mission is vast and vital. As the strategic linchpin, you’ll be the driving force behind the marketing curtain, directly supporting the Regional Marketing Director. Your canvas? The regional marketing strategy and plan with a laser focus on KSA. You’re not just participating; you’re leading the charge in crafting and deploying integrated marketing marvels and communication campaigns that will catapult the brand to stardom in KSA. Test, refine, and prove the might of your marketing prowess. Forge unbreakable bonds with the upper echelons and be the beacon that guides your colleagues. Team up with PR maestros to elevate our leaders’ profiles to celebrity status, harnessing every drop of your content creation wizardry and media savviness. You’re the architect of local marketing narratives, masterfully adapting global content to resonate with KSA’s unique market, all while championing a PR-first mindset. Digital landscapes, web wonders, recruitment networks, and alumni circles — they’re all in your playground, and you play to win.

Craft and conquer social media campaigns tailored for KSA’s vibrant audience. Ignite global initiatives with your local touch. Events? You’re the director, ensuring every production is Oscar-worthy. Champion the firm’s global alumni strategy and DE&I commitment in the heart of KSA. Watch over your budget like a hawk, ensuring every riyal is a seed for growth.

And let’s not forget your pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of marketers — recruiting, guiding, and inspiring every burgeoning talent on your team.

Must have : A degree in Marketing, Communications, or Business, or the equivalent thereof.

8+ robust years in the marketing arena, preferably within professional services or the corporate sphere.

A storied history of developing strategies and launching victorious campaigns.

Relationship management should be your second language, stakeholder variety.

If you’ve led teams and mentored marketing proteges, step right up.

Microsoft Office should feel like an extension of your limbs; social media and online marketing tools, your trusty sidekicks.

CRM systems and e-marketing platforms? If you’re not already friends, you’ll soon be.

Managing expectations: “At Mindfield, we strive for exceptional results, and we achieve this by understanding the needs of both our clients and candidates. We ask that you take note of our “must-haves” to ensure a successful application process. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you. Mindfield – making a difference.”

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