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Chief Investment Officer | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Consultancy Investment

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Our client: is looking to hire a Chief Investment Officer, your primary responsibility is to oversee the investment strategy and decision-making process for the firm’s investment portfolio.

Your Role: You will work closely with senior executives to develop and implement investment strategies that align with the firm’s goals and objectives. You will conduct thorough research and analysis of the market trends, identify investment opportunities, and make informed investment decisions. You will be responsible for managing the firm’s investment portfolio and ensuring that it is diversified across different asset classes and geographies. You will monitor the portfolio’s performance and take corrective action when necessary to optimize returns. You will lead and manage a team of investment professionals, including analysts, portfolio managers, and traders. You will set the team’s goals and objectives, provide guidance and mentorship, and ensure that the team is working effectively and efficiently. You will build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders, including investors, partners, and industry experts. You will communicate investment strategies, market trends, and portfolio performance to stakeholders and address their concerns and queries. You will oversee the firm’s risk management framework and ensure that it is effectively implemented across the investment portfolio. You will identify potential risks and implement measures to mitigate them. You will conduct due diligence on potential investment opportunities, including financial analysis, market research, and assessment of management teams. You will ensure that all investments meet the firm’s criteria for risk and return.

Must-Have: You should carry 10+ years of work experience in private equity, M&A, and deal closures.

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