which we hope will answer any queries you may have regarding your interest in the vacancies advertised in this Website Job Bank, or any of the vacancies we currently advertised in the media.


Q1. How do I apply?

A. Please apply by emailing your CV as a Word Document (preferably with your photo pasted onto it). Remember to quote the post/ designation as this will ensure that your CV is passed to the appropriate specialist consultant. This is essential in view of the large volume of vacancies we deal with.


Q2. How will I know if mindfield have received my CV?

A. You will receive an electronically generated response informing you that your email has been received by us. Please do not respond to this auto generated email.


Q3. Should I follow up with you regarding my application?

A. No. If you are short listed for the position you have applied for, you will be contacted and given an appointment to meet one of our consultant’s /Interviewers. If you don't receive a response from us within two weeks of sending us your CV, this will indicate that you were not short listed for the job you applied for.


Q4. What happens to my application if I am not short listed for the job I applied for?

A. If you are not short listed for the vacancy you applied for, your details may be retained on our database for future reference, at our discretion.


Q5. If I have previously applied for a position but not received any response from you, can I apply for other positions advertised on your website or in the media?

A. Please refrain from resending the resume if there are no updates to the same. You could send an email with the job code in the subject line expressing your interest in a particular position.


Q6. If you put my CV forward to your client, am I guaranteed an interview?

A. No. We put forward to our clients the CV's of candidates who most closely match the Job Description given to us by them. Our Client makes the final decision as to which candidates they wish to interview. This can take up to three - four weeks, and in some cases longer. We try our best to revert to all candidates short listed on an assignment but if you have not heard from us within that time, you may assume that our Client has not short listed you for an interview.


Q7. If I am interviewed by your Client, how and when will I know the outcome?

A. It often takes time for our Client to give us feedback. This is beyond our control. However, please be assured that we will give you feedback as soon as we receive information from our Client. Please do not follow up directly with our Client, as this could jeopardize your application. All communication must be made through mindfield resources only.


Q8. Does Mindfield Resources charge any fees for application, or if they place me in a job?

A. No. We do not charge any fees to candidates. Our Clients pay for services rendered by us.


Q9 Does Mindfield Resources actively look for employment for me?

A. No. We are appointed by our clients to identify and introduce candidates who most closely match their requirements and therefore we are proactive on their behalf.


Q10. Are all the jobs advertised in your web pages still vacant?

A. Yes. We update the website on a regular basis.


Q11.I am on a visit in Dubai can I book an interview with one of your consultants?

 Our consultants book their own appointments and usually well in advance. If you are in Dubai on a short visit please mention your visa status in a covering letter and attach it to your cv. Then upload it to the profile you create on our website, as one document. Alternatively you could call our receptionist and request an appointment.