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The Need for Chief Data Officers

Posted Date : 22-07-2017

At the onset of my search career in 2005 and having worked with top of the line Consultants & Partners, I always had a definitive interest towards the CIO function and the way it would potentially branch out in the next one or two decades. This interest was most likely because of the educational background as well as acquiring the relative expertise executing assignments across geographies and industries. One day it would be a CIO role for a US based consumer retail client and the next day generating a customized research report on "changing role of a CTO" to be utilized for a business development pitch. This initial exposure enabled me to think commercially and set the tone to where I am today. As a part of my professional development, I would tend to identify talent gaps and emerging trends leading to advisory opportunities. The CIO today is a business-led advisor with strong reliance on performance of a cloud provider's platform. And probably would look to recruit a Chief Data Officer as customer data acquisition & analysis is important to market, advertise and sell when planning a radical approach to growth. According to an independent research, 62% of CIO's are looking to hire CDO's in 2017. So, what are they looking for? Data management, governance, quality, vendor relationships, data standards, business intelligence, warehousing, modeling, metadata, unstructured & big data, business performance dashboards, privacy, IP/IC and should also closely work with the other c-suite executives including CFO's, COO's and the CEO. While this information is probably known to the world, a Chief Data Officer is rarely found with organizations within the GCC countries.


If you are looking to recruit one of them and want to know how it can impact your business; reach out to me via my email varun@mindfieldresources.com


     - Published on 20 th July 2017 by Varun Munjal, Principal Consultant @ Mindfield Resources